Friday, July 12, 2013

Shooting Camp 2013

Jacob recently had a shooting camp in Hagerstown, MD that lasted a week, and was a week packed with instruction, hot weather, fun, competition, hot weather, and did I mention the heat? Never mind the fact that they are wearing VERY heavy jackets and pants with a SWEATER and undergarments under that!!  In ninety degree, humid weather!!  I get hot just thinking about it.

The instructor line-up for the week was top-notch.  This is a former Naval Academy coach who came to help the shooters with all sorts of things from how to hold your gun and position your body all the way down to what you should eat and not eat.  No sugar, no sodium and no caffeine!!   There was a lot of things to be learned all packed into one great week.

Jacob looks fearsome in this shot.  He explained to me that the coaches had him in this kneeling position for a LONG time, and it started to get very difficult.  In the end, he needed help getting up because everything had gone numb!

Yeah, you don't want to mess with Jacob.

Jacob is third from the left here.

Looks to me like they are all having fun during the lunch break!

Practicing the kneeling position

Jacob's coach on the left (Norris Diefenderfer), as well as Lou and Tracy DiPaola - the parents of Jacob's friend Jordan and the "assistant coaches" for the shooting team.  They have been a HUGE help to us - they are a christian homeschooling family whose son Jordan is one year ahead of Jacob and just went off to the Naval Academy - the exact path that Jacob wants to follow (well, Air Force is his first choice) and we have learned so much from them!  All of the families involved in shooting are really down-to-earth, kind people that we have enjoyed getting to know.  Just great families.

Jacob's current and future coach????? God willing!!  This guy on the left is Coach Kelley - the current rifle coach at the Naval Academy.  He was a wealth of information as well.  It was a great opportunity for Jacob to get to know the coach and make some kind of impression on him.

My handsome shooting guy.  Sooooo focused....

This is Jordan DiPaolo (navy midshipman now) and his sister Taylor, whom Hannah is becoming fast friends with.  Very sweet brother sister duo.

Not quite sure what Jordan is doing in this shot??  But it looks as though he is having a less serious moment and having fun!!!

Three coaches making an example of Jacob and his shooting position.

This is the view we get of Jacob every time he shoots.  Look how far away those targets are!!  I couldn't hit one if my life depended on it, let alone get nines and tens!!  SOOOOOO very proud of Jacob.

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